A300SM “Sexiest Shock Mount Ever”

A300SM Shock Mount for KSM353/ED –  First Look from NAMM

John Born introduces the A300SM Shock Mount. Recently called the “Sexiest Shock Mount Ever” (recording hacks), the sleek and stylish A300SM uses advanced materials to provide exceptional isolation and shock protection for the KSM353/ED Ribbon Microphone. Most notably, in place of the traditional elastic bands the A300SM uses wire rope.

Find out more about the A300SM and the KSM353/ED Premium Bi-directional Ribbon Microphone.

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Matt Dobschuetz

Matt Dobschuetz

Matt grew up loving 80’s hip hop and Chicago house music. He currently loves Swedish pop star Robyn. Favorite activities include his sons’ sporting events, church, or the search for great craft beer.

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