Alex Cuba @ S.N. Shure Theater and Rumba

Hello Amigos, today we had a very special treat at Shure. We had two-time Juno Award winner and Shure endorser, Alex Cuba, visit our corporate headquarters here in Niles, IL. He is in town today to play a show at Rumba to promote his recently launched third album which is self-titled. Rumba is one of my favorite restaurants/music venues in Chicago. It’s intimate, has great Latin inspired dishes, has a stage, and typically books very talented musicians to play on that stage…

Alex Cuba performing live at the S.N. Shure Theater with his Golden SM58

Alex Cuba performing live at the S.N. Shure Theater with his Golden SM58

Tonight they booked the effortless talent that is Alex Cuba. But before his show I invited him to stop by our headquarters for a tour and asked him if he could play a couple of songs for the Shure associates. He graciously accepted the invitation and brought two of his guitars and his Custom Gold SM58’s that we built especially for him.

Ever since I heard Alex play at the Old Town School of Folk Music I have wanted to share his music with everyone I know. Not only can the man sing, he is also a beast on the guitar. I’m not kidding; the Miami Herald said that, “Alex Cuba’s virtuosic guitar recalls Jimi Hendrix mixed with island heat”.  Not only is he EXTREMELY talented… he is a wonderfully soulful human being who loves what he does and does it very naturally. He’s Effortless…

He played a few songs from his last album, Agua del Pozo, and a couple of his songs off his new album to a full house in the S.N. Shure Theater here at Shure. He played acoustically with only his guitar behind his voice. Although he sings primarily in Spanish he had everyone in the room bopping their head, clapping in unison and humming his melodies. He then tried out his new wireless system for his guitars by jumping off the stage and climbing up the stairs of the theater while playing his guitar without missing a beat.  Impressed by the fact he was no longer attached to the stage by a wire connected to his guitar, he said, “It works!” with a big smile. It will be interesting to see how he will incorporate his new ability to his interactive shows.

After his performance we gave him the grand tour of our facilities. He was impressed on all that goes into making quality microphones.  After the tour I took him and his band to lunch before I dropped them off to their hotel. They had to freshen up and drive downtown so they can sound check before their show at Rumba.

That night, Rumba was packed. I was able to get a booth by the stage to enjoy the show while eating dinner. Alex lit up the house with his band. I was impressed on how big him and his band sound. They are only three guys but they filled the room with sound real fast. It was excellent to see him perform both acoustically and live with his band all in one day. Whether you speak Spanish or not, I highly recommend you catch his show anytime he is in a town near you. Because, even if you don’t understand the words he is singing, the music and his voice will move your soul.

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