Antenna Types & Optimal Placement for Wireless

A Shure Educational Podcast

In this episode, we are joined by Senior Applications Engineer Tim Vear to get a little insight on the different types of wireless antennas and the proper way to place them for optimal performance. Tim is Shure’s resident wireless expert and has enough knowledge on this topic to fill hours and hours of podcast shows. Luckily, we were able to talk him into only providing the highlights of his presentation.

At the conclusion of this podcast, if you should still feel the hunger for more wireless antenna information, check out our FAQ Database or contact one of Shure’s applications engineers at to help curb your appetite for wireless antennas.

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Davida Rochman

Davida Rochman

A Shure associate since 1979, Davida Rochman graduated with a degree in Speech Communications and never imagined that her first post-college job would result in a lifelong career that had her marketing microphones rather than speaking into them. Today, Davida is a Corporate Public Relations Manager, responsible for public relations activities, sponsorships, and donation programs that intersect with Shure at the corporate and industry level.

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  • Nate Smith says:

    This is great info! My questions have more to do with multiple IEM transmitters – combating the antenna farm. Do they have a “minimum distance” between each other rule as well? or is it the same as a wireless receivers (1/2 to 1 wavelength)?
    also – “transmit and receive antenna should be 10-12 ft apart” what about a performer who is holding a transmitter and has a receiver on their belt? does that create problems?

  • owen joseph says:

    Really helpful podcast. It’s especially good to hear from one of the major suppliers to my industry as gives one a sense of irrifutability. Keep up the good work!

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