Marc Henshall

Marc forms part of our Pro Audio team at Shure UK and specialises in Digital Marketing. He also holds a BSc First Class Hons Degree in Music Technology. When not at work he enjoys playing the guitar, producing music, and pretentiously dabbling in the odd craft beer or two from his own personal glass at the local pub — like a total nerd.
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

What Are Whitespace Devices? Shure Whiteboard Explains…

Not so long ago Ofcom approved plans for Whitespace Devices to share spectrum with digital TV and wireless microphones. As a relatively new development in the ongoing debate about the future of spectrum, Whitespace Devices are often overlooked or misunderstood. In this week’s whiteboard session, we cover what whitespace devices are, why and where they operate, […]

What is Dualdyne? Understanding the Shure KSM8

The Shure KSM8 Dualdyne is the world’s first dual diaphragm dynamic handheld microphone – a ground-breaking feat of engineering that essentially reverses the flow of a dynamic mic. To explain what makes this so significant, we take a look at the Shure Unidyne.
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Shure Whiteboard Session: Understanding Cables for RF

RF cables are an often overlooked aspect of wireless systems. You can have everything else set up perfectly, but when all is said and done, it’s all too easy to shoot yourself in the foot by selecting the wrong antenna cables. This post will answer common questions about cable components for your RF setup.
SM58 with wires

Shure Whiteboard Session: What is Intermodulation?

Welcome back, in this week’s whiteboard session, we’re going to tackle the often misunderstood concept of intermodulation. Intermodulation is a product of two signals interacting with each other while on air simultaneously. It commonly occurs when two signals are in very close proximity to one another, and therefore, any intermodulation need to be avoided with […]

Digital Wireless FAQ: 12 of Your Questions Answered

Digital wireless systems are increasingly common in the world of professional and semi-professional audio. Their growth over the last few years is the result of many factors, from the continual pursuit of better quality sound to the increasingly pressing issue of RF spectrum clearance. Like other areas of the audio world, though, the debate as […]
Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Shure Whiteboard Sessions: What Spectrum is Right for You?

For radio microphones to work reliably, we need access to clean spectrum – this much is well known and documented. What’s less well known, is which bands of spectrum are best suited to each given application. Unfortunately, we can’t just use any portion of spectrum; and while in theory there’s a lot of spectrum available, the […]

Guitars On Stage and in the Studio: Quiet Is the New Loud

Guitarists have a reputation for major contribution to volume wars on-stage and in the studio. This reputation is perhaps personified in that famous – and often over-quoted – line from the movie Spinal Tap. We all know the line — “this one goes up to 11.” Brilliant… Seriously, though, how many times do you see […]

A Crash Course in Audio for Podcasters

If you’re running a podcast getting high quality audio is important. As your listeners senses are fully tuned to the audio experience, poor quality audio recordings will stand out like a sore thumb, so it’s important to learn the ropes.