Babsonicos @ The Ravenswood Event Center

Los Babasonicos, one of Argentina’s most popular and hardest working rock bands, were in town last night for a special free event at the Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago. I have never attended a show at The Ravenswood Event Center so I was curious to see what this place was all about. I was able to check it out prior to all guests arriving during the band’s sound check at 6PM. The doors were scheduled to be opened at 8PM…

Los Babasonicos Live at the Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago

Los Babasonicos Live at the Ravenswood Event Center in Chicago

Upon arriving I noticed that the outside was set up as if it was a fancy VIP party. They had lights, a velvet rope and even a red carpet (green actually) which ended with a picture background as seen at most award shows. Not bad at all for a free party…  As I walked in the front door I noticed a huge loft like room decorated and arranged for a very cool chic party. Very Miami Lounge… The room included plenty of lounging areas with modern white couches, a lit up dance floor, an elevated DJ booth, a silk screen t-shirt station, an internet café, a mini photo studio where you can take a picture for your very own Rolling Stone Magazine cover, (pause for breath), a four sided bar slap dab in the middle, a food court which housed a Taqueria, a Chinese food stand, a Deep Dish Pizza stand and a Chicago style hot dog stand. I mean come on, all this for the cost of free? As my boss says, “this is not cheaps’n’salsa”. This was muy muy expensive! And all you had to do was RSVP via facebook… Crazy!  I haven’t even mentioned the tour worthy stage where Shure endorsers los Babasonicos would perform. Yeah, no expenses were spared.

After taking in the impressive room I remembered I was carrying in a heavy box full of gear that I was to deliver to los Babasonicos for their endorsement renewal with Shure. (My back is actually still a little sore from not putting it down.) I had already delivered most of the gear to their hotel room the night before but some things didn’t arrive in time, so I had to deliver them during their sound check. As I walked towards the stage, I ran into my good friends, Gustavo, Matias, and Adrian aka, “Monga”. They play a very important role in the band, but they’re usually behind the scenes. Gustavo is the bands FOH engineer, Matias is their Monitor Engineer and “Monga” is their Tour/Production Manager. I met them in Mexico City three years ago at the W Hotel to discuss a possible endorsement, and since then we have grown to be good friends. We chit-chatted a bit and they talked a little bit of trash in regards to the upcoming World Cup match between Mexico and Argentina.  After the friendly ribbing, they informed me that the band would go on at midnight so I said my good-bye’s and drove home for a quick disco nap before the show.

Adrian Dárgelos singing from his soul with his wireless Beta58

Adrian Dárgelos singing from his soul with his wireless Beta58

The venue was packed when I got back around 10pm. I met up with some friends and coworkers and we enjoyed some beats from DJ Camilo Lara of the Mexican Institute of Sound. The Babasonicos went on right on time and rocked the house. Adrian Dargelos, the band’s lead singer strutted about the stage with his wireless Beta58. Los Babasonicos played songs off their latest album named Mucho and plenty of their past favorites that had everyone singing along.

After the show I went backstage and said my good-byes. The guys thanked me for their gear and promised to send some pictures of the gear being used on the road and their recently purchased recording studio where they will record their next album. I will be sure to share them with you when I get them. Stay tuned….

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