Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Checklist

Hola amigos! I know most of you are all set to go for your big fiesta this weekend, but just in case you’re one of those last-minute hosts, I’ve prepared a quick Cinco De Mayo Party Checklist as well as a playlist for you to get your party started on the right foot.

Cinco De Mayo Party Checklist

☐ Actual reason why we celebrate Cinco De Mayo can be read here ->  Cinco de Mayo Wiki 
(At least the host should know in case it comes up.)
☐ Amigos (It’s not a party without your amigos.)
☐ Chips & salsa
☐ Guacamole
☐ Margarita mix (It’s just easier…)
☐ Tequila & cerveza (Remember to be responsible, amigos.)
☐ Sombreros
☐ Maracas
☐ and finally…musica!

I’ve created a playlist with just enough songs to get your party started. Check it out below!

Hasta Pronto,


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