CMT Crossroads: Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry

Last week, I started a mini-blog series featuring CMT Crossroads. I shared with you a few of my favorites, but let’s be real…you could watch any CMT Crossroads session and they would be good! I went into watching this week’s blog feature a little hesitant, I thought…Fall Out Boy and The Band Perry!? Those are two very different styles of music, but surprisingly Patrick Stump, the leader singer of Fall Out Boy, and Kimberly Perry’s voices blended beautifully!

Below you can find the full episode that premiered November of last year! They perform several of both bands’ hit songs including “DONE.,” “Sugar,” “We’re Going Down” and many more!

The other great thing about CMT Crossroads, besides the awesome music, is the section of the feature where the two bands interview each other. It’s a really informal way to hear how each group works through different things. Topics include songwriting styles, how to balance touring, etc. It’s great to watch because it feels like you’re a fly on the wall just listening to two groups of people have a conversation about what it’s like to do what they do. It’s interesting to hear how things are different between the two genres, but how ultimately music is music, and you have the same issues across all genres of music.

Ryan from Shure Artist Relations Nashville was able to stop by and see the show live! Check out his thoughts below!

Thanks Brooke!

Whenever I have the opportunity to attend a Crossroads, my first thought is: Who will be paired with whom?

This particular pairing of The Band Perry with Fall Out Boy was going to be an exciting show due to the energy both bands bring to the stage. We’ve been working with The Band Perry for over 2 years and Fall Out Boy even longer.

Typically when I arrive at the venue, I like to work my way through greeting the crews of each band and then go out to the CMT audio truck to hear how it’s coming together from the broadcast/recording perspective. Engineer Tom Davis has been post mixing so many of these shows, and it’s great to watch him at work. FOH Engineer Chad Olech had just taken the gig with Fall Out Boy, and I was excited to see him there.

Once the audience loads in and the show starts, the production may want to run a song twice, just to get all the video angles they want or because the groups feel they have a better one in them.  Just like during the rehearsals, I will spend half the time watching the show in the venue, and the other hanging inside the production truck.

I always look forward to the next one.  Blending of genres always makes for interesting results and seems to be more widely appreciated year after year.



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Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens is an Artist Relations Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows.

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