CMT Crossroads: First Week Favorites

I think it’s about time we started showcasing CMT Crossroads sessions, especially since two out of the last three have featured not only one Shure artist, but two! I have been a longtime fan of CMT Crossroads. I just want to pat the guy or gal who came up with the idea on the back and take them out for pie. The concept is simple: bringing two artists of different genres together to make music.

The official statement from CMT Crossroads is this:

“Great music knows no boundaries. CMT Crossroads shows the far-reaching roots of country music by pairing country artists with musicians from other genres. Each episode will feature a different set of stars playing together, swapping stories and sharing their common love of music.”

I truly fell in love with CMT Crossroads back in 2010 when it featured John Mayer and Keith Urban together. When you combine those two names, at least for me, the first thing that comes to my mind is guitar. These two KNOW how to play guitar. The combination of Keith’s country/pop swagger and John’s roots in the blues is phenomenal. Below you can hear my favorite Crossroads Collaboration of all time: John Mayer and Keith Urban playing Keith’s song “Sweet Thing.” Starting at about 3:35 Keith and John begin soloing together, and it’s pure magic.

Since I’ll be sharing with you various CMT Crossroads over the next couple weeks, I figured why not start it off with a blog about some of my favorites. The next one I want to share immediately caught my attention, which I’m sure it would yours too…Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood. At first I thought, “What in the world?” but then as I started to imagine them singing together, I kind of thought “Hey, this might actually be incredible.” See for yourself below! It’s hard for these two not to sound amazing. They both have insane pipes.

What’s your favorite CMT Crossroads session? Check back next week for CMT Crossroads featuring Shure artists!

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Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens is an Artist Relations Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows.

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