Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival :: Indio, CA :: Day Two

Coachella Day 2

After my usual stop at Starbucks and another traffic filled morning, day two started with Shure Endorsers Zoe from Mexico. This is one of my favorite bands. Their psychedelic alt-rock and spacey lyrics are really appealing to me. I definitely think they are one of Mexico’s best at the moment and from the looks of the crowd I wasn’t the only one who thought this. I even saw a fan wearing a Shure shirt in the crowd. Everyone sang along to “Nada”, “Via Lactea” and “Love” which frequently come up on my music player of choice. After their show I went backstage to the artist Lounge and hung out with them and talked gear with their sound guys. They made me feel right at home. What a great group of hard-working guys. Their success is very well deserved.

After the cool hang out with Zoe I walked over to the Mojave tent to enjoy Beach House. I really like this band a lot. Despite the heat their melodic sound really chills me out. Their sound is perfect for escaping the sun and just relaxing. They packed the Mojave tent. I met their sound guy after the show and passed him my card. This is where I also ran into Romy of the XX which was to perform later that day. I introduced myself and asked her for a picture for our twitter page. She was a sweetheart and obliged.

Once Beach House’s set was over I ran back to the Coachella Stage where Tokyo Police Club, our Canadian endorsers were to perform. What a great show. I watched part of it from the crowd and part from the stage. It’s very interested to experience Coachella from both perspectives. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity. They had a pretty big crowd which sang along the entire time. My favorite was when they played “Your English is Good”. What a moment…

Up next on my schedule was the XX from the UK. This band is getting a lot of love in the states. I recently have been listening to them a lot and I admittedly wasn’t their biggest fan after my first listen. However, after many plays I have grown to be a pretty big fan of theirs. Their androgynous monotone harmonizing is very wonderful in a minimal kind of way. Less is more for them and I am getting it. I am getting it a lot. Pretty good crowd for them as well. I noticed there were a lot of curious fresh ears checking them out for the first time. On my walk to see them and a brief Churro pit stop before the show, I overheard a lot of word of mouth recommendations from Coachella goers. Great set… I can’t wait to see them in Chicago. After the show I walked back stage and introduced myself to their FOH engineer Dan. We talked about the possibility of an endorsement. We shall see, I will keep you posted.

I stuck around behind the Outdoor stage because Shure endorsers Hot Chip were to perform there as well. They seemed to be already there after the XX was done. They were just hanging out enjoying some “refreshments”…  They had a laid back vibe about them so I approached them and said hi. They were really nice and even posed for a picture.

After catching some of the hot set by the Hot Chip, I ran to catch Faith No More just in time to hear “Epic”. The lyricsfaith-no-more-2 were so fitting to my Coachella aspirations. They say “You want it all but you can’t have it…” So true… since I couldn’t hear every band I wanted in this headliner packed festival. 🙁 Faith No More lead singer Mike Patton looked hilarious in an all red suit. After a couple of songs I then ran to the Mojave tent, past the Churro dude, to catch the last couple of songs from Colombian rockers Aterciopelados. Those Churro’s were lucky I was in a rush or else…  Lead singer Andrea Echeverri gave her respect to the indigenous people who used to live in Indio Valley before singing at the top of her lungs and shaking as if possessed. Very powerful!

I then ran to the outdoor stage to catch my “Electric Feel” with MGMT. My legs decided to stay for their entire set so I obliged. We were tired…  I enjoyed their set sitting down on the mysterious desert grass.

The MGMT fans danced around me under the desert darkness and stage lights. After their set I got up and walked over to the main stage to catch Muse. There were so many people that I decided to go into the VIP area located stage right where I can enjoy their set from a small hill overlooking the crowd. I love my artist badge… As usual Muse was a powerhouse and their laser show was mesmerizing.

Afterwards I checked out a couple of Dead Weather songs before calling it a night. Sorry Tiesto and Devo… My raving days are over. Besides I would have to walk another half hour and sit in traffic for who knows how long before I could tuck myself in.


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Nelson Arreguín

Nelson Arreguín

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