Dr. Dog Turns Back The Clock: A Video Premiere

The Wild Honey Pie and Shure are excited to share the premiere of this video since we're both huge fans of Dr. Dog, the six-piece rock band out of Philly. In early January 2015, for eight nights, the band played Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg and Manhattan's Bowery Ballroom. They transformed the venues into the fictitious Flamingo Hotel of 1950s Miami Beach, with a huge pink flamingo on stage and palm trees in the crowd. Take a look, and be transported...


When this was filmed, Dr. Dog was preparing for a national tour and the release of a live album. With time to spare between soundcheck and doors, the band knocked out a couple old tunes for the cameras, “100 Years” and “Be The Void,” and even found some time to crush some Dr. Dog custom pizza pies from the iconic Two Boots Pizza.

The band tours with a full Shure microphone set up, allowing the audio engineers from The Wild Honey Pie to simply take a split from the stage box into their hard disk recorders and push Record. The result was a crystal clear recording of the band’s performance from the stage.

Header image by Lev Avery. Graphics by Tim Lines.

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The Wild Honey Pie

The Wild Honey Pie is an online music media collective based in Brooklyn, New York, that writes about, films, and throws concerts for the bands they love.

This post was written by Jon Lurie, COO of The Wild Honey Pie.

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