End the Summer With Shure!

Summer is coming to an end…is that taboo to say?? It’s crazy it’s already the middle of August! Many schools are starting back up and it feels like we just entered June! If you’re anything like me, the summer has escaped you, and some of the items on your summer bucket list never got checked off! Well, I say we take this week and have some fun before the cold fronts start to move in and the leaves begin to change!

Shure has a ton of products that make killer companions for my last week of summer. Below are a list of fun activities where you can bring Shure along!

Shure SM48 Vocal Microphone

Karaoke on an SM48!

KARAOKE!  Karaoke is so much fun. I had never done karaoke until last summer when I moved to the city for the first time. I remember being so nervous, but karaoke is such an awesome atmosphere where everyone’s just looking to have fun, so there’s no reason to be intimidated! My first karaoke experience, I walked in to see I’d be singing on an SM48 Vocal Microphone. You see these microphones a lot for these types of environments. Another popular Shure microphone for karaoke is the PG58 Vocal Microphone. These are your basic-but-still-quality microphones for vocals.

OPEN MIC NIGHT  I’ve recently been attending the Open Mic Nights at Uncommon Ground, and it’s a blast. Uncommon Ground has two locations for Open Mic Night: Mondays at the Clark St. location and Tuesdays at the Rogers Park location. In case you didn’t know, Shure actually sponsors these Open Mic Nights. You’ll see all kinds of Shure gear to perform on including SM58 Vocal Microphones and SM57 Instrument Microphones. This is a great chance for young musicians to face their fears and perform for the first time or become regulars and enter themselves into the competition.

Bike Ride at Lakeshore Trail

A bike ride down Lakeshore Trail!

THE BEACH  If you’re anything like me, you’re looking down at your arms legs and wondering…Where’s my tan!? When you work all day, you really only have the weekends to catch some rays, and summers are so busy, it’s hard to find time to just go relax in the sun! I know that’s what I’m going to try to do these last few weeks of summer, and what better companion than some good music and headphones to get you relaxing. Grab some Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones and head to the beach for some serious relaxation time!

GO FOR A BIKE RIDE  I’ve been trying to get my bike out as often as possible! It’s a great way to stay active while getting you from point A to point B! Hit some trails with the SE215 Sound Isolating™ Earphones! While it’s never safe to ride completely plugged in, I would suggest one ear in one ear out, so you can enjoy some pump up tunes, but still be aware of your surroundings!

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Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens is an Artist Marketing Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows.

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