Fantastic Scholastic Winners Announced!

Listening to the prize-winning tracks makes me irrationally proud. I mean, I didn’t raise the students who made these amazing recordings, and I didn’t teach them to record music. Still, in announcing the winners, I feel like a mama duck showing off her brood. Imagine how their families and professors must feel!

Without further ado, the winners are…

FSRC Grand Prize Winners

Grand Prize Winners Taylor Bray, Jeff Braun & Grant Hartford (L to R) of Middle Tennessee State University with Shure associate Ryan Smith. Faculty advisors Michael Fleming & Bill Crabtree not pictured.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Middle Tennessee State University
Student team members: Taylor Bray, Jeff Braun, and Grant Hartford
Faculty Advisors: Michael Fleming and Bill Crabtree
Song Title: “Falliday”
Composer: Rebecca Roubion
View the Project Log (PDF)

RUNNER UP: New York University Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music
Student team members: Jacob Blumberg, Spencer Doren, Phoebe Ryan, Vaughn Sulit, and Damian Wiseman
Faculty Advisor: Jim Anderson
Song Title: “You Won’t Be Alone”
Composer: Phoebe Holiday Ryan
View the Project Log (PDF)

HONORABLE MENTION: Delta State University
Student team members: Laeitta Wade, Travis Calvin, Mathew Coleman, Horace Willis, and Curtis Nunnery
Faculty Advisor: Mike Iacopelli
Song Title: “Now What Do We Do”
Composer: Tricia Walker
View the Project Log (PDF)

We were so lucky to have the following recording industry veterans serve as judges of this year’s competition:

  • Ken Caillat
  • Leslie Ann Jones
  • Dave O’Donnell
  • Keith Olsen
  • John Paterno

A huge thanks to them! Thanks also to the seven other competing schools, who submitted admirable work:

  • Clemson University
  • DePaul University
  • University of the Pacific
  • New England School of Communications
  • Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy
  • University of Miami Frost School of Music
  • William Paterson University

Visit next fall to learn more about the annual competition, which challenges college students in audio education programs to make the best recording they can using only Shure gear.

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Allison Wolcott

Allison Wolcott

Allison Wolcott started singing at Shure and now sings wherever she can. She wishes she were Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, and Johnny Cash all rolled up in a voice box. Her favorite mic is the BETA®87A.

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