Give It Voice Regional Showcase::Toronto::Mod Club::01/24/11

Monday, January 24

The SM58 Give It Voice Tour departed Chicago and headed northeast to Toronto, Ontario Canada for the Regional Final at the famous Mod Club. It was a cold winter night but @VanessAlegacy and Marc Cowie warmed up the house as they went head to head with 40 minutes sets each.

Vaness aLegacy hit the stage first and got things started. They had a pretty good crowd on hand and their fans sang along with songs on their set which consisted of Urban inspired Pop-Rock. The highlight of their performance was when they performed “I’d Rather Be Lonely” which is the song that got them voted into the Toronto Regional Finals.

After his 6+ hour driver Marc Cowie made it in halfway through Vaness aLegacy’s performance and had to set up backstage. Despite just getting in and not having a sound check, he sounded pretty good. I would describe his sound as Surfer Rock. Unfortunately for him he didn’t have as big of a crowd but that was to be expected since he wasn’t local. Needles to say he came out and played his heart out.

After both sets the judges voted and the winner of the night’s showdown was Veness aLegacy. Congratulations to them and we wish them the best of luck in the next round.

Vaness aLegacy’s performance, along with the other regional final winners can be watched at the following link:

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