Goodbye, Lou Reed

Musicians and fans were quick to eulogize the iconic Lou Reed this week in tweets, posts, and live shows. As they should. Lou’s force was undeniable. To honor him, I wanted to share his song, “Set the Twilight Reeling,” from 1996. The song feels like a audio pastiche of his earlier work, but is from the perspective of an artist looking back, free from regret.

David Fricke wrote in his Rolling Stone review:

Reed has been a changed man on record so many times, it’s easy to mistake sincerity for shtick. But the central image in the closing, elegiac title track of a soul singer in mid-epiphany — “But as the drums beat, he finds himself growing hard/In the microphone’s face he sees her face growing large…. I accept the newfound man and set the twilight reeling” — has the ring of truth and the distinct kick of autobiography.

Goodbye, Lou.

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Matt Dobschuetz

Matt Dobschuetz

Matt is the Web Manager. He grew up loving 80’s hip hop and Chicago house music. He currently loves the Swedish pop star Robyn. When he’s not at Shure he can be found at his sons’ sporting events, church, or in search of great craft beer.

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