InfoComm 2015: Day 1 at the Shure Booth

Shure Booth at NAMM Every year, tens of thousands of AV professionals from around the world converge at InfoComm to see the latest and greatest technology for corporate boardrooms, educational spaces, houses of worship, and other installed sound environments. We too are showing off our installed sound solutions at the show, so if you’re attending, please visit us at booth #1101. If you aren’t able to join us at the Orange County Convention Center this week, allow me to be your virtual tour guide through our booth!

Take Control with QLX-D

We first introduced the QLX-D® digital wireless system at InfoComm last year. With crystal-clear 24-bit digital audio and the ability to run more channels simultaneously than any other wireless system in its class, it’s a great option for any mid-size installed audio application. But that’s only half the story. QLX-D allows you to take control of your wireless like never before. By connecting multiple receivers together with a DHCP-enabled router, a network scan allows frequencies to be coordinated and deployed with ease. Networked receivers can also be connected to Wireless Workbench® 6 to manage every facet of your installation from pre-event planning to real-time monitoring.

QLX-D is compatible with external control systems such as AMX or Crestron devices. Alternatively, you can take control directly by connecting your QLX-D systems to a Wi-Fi network and accessing the ShurePlus Channels iOS app. Monitor audio meters, battery level, and RF interference all from your iPhone or iPad for free. For an additional fee, unlock control features to enable frequency assignment, gain adjustments, device naming, and menu locking.

The Versatility of Microflex Wireless

With its great sound and networked control, Microflex Wireless offers elegant solutions for AV and IT professionals. It’s a no-brainer for the boardroom, but we are constantly surprised by the variety of applications in which it’s being used by governments, universities (streaming classes!), and even hospital operating rooms. In the booth, we have two simulated Microflex Wireless environments to share with visitors.

Shure Intellimix Automatic Mixing at NAMM

MOTIV for Conferencing

Things are really heating up as we approach the ship date for our new line of digital condenser recording microphones, MOTIV. MOTIV wowed crowds at NAMM and NAB this year, but these little powerhouse mics can be just as useful in the conferencing world as they are in the music and broadcast worlds.

MOTIV from Shure Personal teleconferencing will never sound the same once you plug an MV5 or MV51 into your laptop for your next webinar or online meeting. Transcribing notes from your next meeting will be much easier with the stereo 24-bit/48kHz recording capabilities of the MV88 plugged into your iOS device. And if you want to record your next presentation or sermon, the MVL plugged into your phone will capture every word in crystal-clear detail. If you are fortunate enough to be at the show, stop by booth #1101 for your chance to win your very own MV5!

Booth Previews

We are always working to improve our existing products and software. To get the word out about what’s next, we’re previewing some forthcoming improvements in our booth.

The ShurePlus Channels app has been out for a year now, and users of Axient®, ULX-D®, QLX-D®, and PSM®1000 have been thrilled by the ability to monitor and control their wireless systems with it via iOS device. Soon, the app will allow UHF-R® users to take advantage of this same convenience.

ShurePlus Channels on iPad

Regardless of the delay with the FCC spectrum auction, we know that the usable spectrum available to wireless mic users will shrink soon, and, as a result, grow more crowded. Shure continues to work toward creative solutions to make these eventual changes easier to manage. To that end, we are previewing a new band availability for ULX-D wireless in the 900 MHz spectrum. This new band is a good fit for indoor applications. It is supported by an informative site survey tool in Wireless Workbench to assess the availability of the 900 MHz spectrum.

The SCM820 Automatic Mixer is a great option for AV installed applications and makes sound reinforcement for speech a snap. We are updating the browser-based GUI from its current Flash platform to HTML5 for more universal compatibility. Once the update is live, you will be able to monitor and control your SMC820 via any tablet or laptop.

Intellimix Monitoring SCM820 Automatic Mixer

Monitoring with PSM 300

Our newest personal monitoring system, PSM®300, combines 24-bit digital audio with nearly latency free RF transmission for great monitoring performance, and it’s the perfect option for churches looking to ditch the wedge. With two different configurations, this is a system that you can grow into. If you’re just starting out and want to keep costs low, you can opt for a system with a plastic P3R bodypack and SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones. When you’re ready to upgrade, swap out for a more advanced pair of earphones, such as the SE215s, and a metal P3RA bodypack that can utilize our lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

As you can see, we have a lot to talk about at booth #1101 this year! If you’re in the area, swing by and say hi!

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Cheryl Jennison DaProza

Cheryl Jennison DaProza

Cheryl is a Media Relations Specialist at Shure with previous experience in the customer service department. She is also a professional singer involved in several tribute, cover, and original bands in the Chicago metro area. In what little spare time she has between work and music, she can be found reading or hanging out with her parrot. Cheryl’s favorite mic is the KSM8 and her Twitter handle is @TheUnsungDiva.

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