Juno Award Nominees Highlight – Artist of the Year

Hello, friends. The time has come. The Juno Awards will be celebrated this Sunday, and we are down to our last featured category: Artist of the Year. This prestigious prize is awarded to best individual musician in Canada for the year. Recent winners include: Leonard Cohen, Feist, Neil Young, K’naan, Sam Roberts, Michael Bublé and Nelly Furtado.

The nominees for 2014 Juno Awards Artist of the Year are…

  • Céline Dion

  • Drake

  • Michael Bublé

  • Robin Thicke

  • Serena Ryder

All of these artists are nominated for Artist of the Year for a reason. But for me, there is no question this one is between Robin Thicke and Drake. We know the popularity that “Blurred Lines” has had all over the world, but Drake put together a great album from start to finish. I predict he will be able to put this trophy right next to the trophy he will receive for Album of the Year.

I hope you enjoyed my feature on the nominees. We’ll see how well I did with my predictions soon enough.

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Enjoy the show!



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