Juno Award Nominees Highlight – Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Breaking into anything is not easy. As it should be. It keeps bad guys out of places they shouldn’t be, and it keeps us safe. It’s not as convenient when we lock ourselves out of our own homes, but the benefits of security outweigh any inconvenience. It takes special talent and a very persistent person to be able to break through, and the same applies in the saturated and competitive music industry.

In this week’s Juno Award Nominees Highlight post, we are going to look at some videos showcasing the nominees for Breakthrough Artist of the Year. As usual, at the bottom of this post I will share with you my favorite to win. Special consideration will be given to artists using Shure mics in their videos. (Wink.)

And the nominees are…

Brett Kissel

 Florence K

 Tim Hicks

Tyler Shaw

Wake Owl

It’s awesome to see Shure microphones on some of these videos like the Super 55 in Brett Kissel’s and Tim Hicks’ videos as well as the wireless UR2/SM58 used by Florence K. I’m proud to work for a company whose mics are chosen by artists as a tool to perform, and in the case of the artists featured in this post, a hammer to help them break through so they can share and showcase their music.

So although I am in lust with Wake Owl’s music, I feel this will go down as a battle of the country rockers Brett Kissel and Tim Hicks in which Brett Kissel will rise to accept the award and mention something about how all this “Started With A Song” in his acceptance speech…

Next week, we will take a look at the nominees for Single of the Year.

Break through!

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