Lollapalooza 2014: The Winners & Losers



  • Martin Doherty of CHVRCHES’ dance moves! I mean, that dude went crazy. It was like a mix of moshing and the Charleston.
  • Fireworks at Calvin Harris’ headlining show!
  • Smallpools’ story about Googling themselves when they first started the band, and how it always brought up links about how killer whales should not be kept in small pools, so they named a song after Killer whales and threw a bunch of killer whale inflatables out into the crowd.


  • High-waisted shorts that show your butt! Get it together, ladies!
  • The crowd when Iggy Azalea performed at Perry’s stage. It was so insane with people crowding and pushing that we had to leave.
  • Having to watch every show through the screen of someone’s phone in front of you. I get it, you want a picture or a video, but isn’t one shot or 15 seconds of video enough? The truth is, you never even go back and do anything with those videos you take. We all know it.
  • Mud. People rolling around in mud. If I got sick, and you didn’t get sick, then you suck.
  • People using trash bags as ponchos, but only cutting out a hole for their face. You look ridiculous. I would rather get soaking wet than look as ridiculous as that.
Whale being thrown during a concert at Lollapalooza 2014

Freeeeee Willy!



  • The Grove Stage. Hidden among the trees that provided shade from the sun as well as cover from the rain, it hosted some of my favorite shows of the whole festival. The Kooks, Phantogram, Small Pools, Cut / Copy, The 1975, Flume and The Darkside.
  • Kongos, for their huge crowd while opening Sunday, and for allowing me to escape the rain for a bit on their tour bus that was conveniently parked smack dab in the middle of the festival grounds.
  • Childish Gambino. It was raining hard during his set at the BudLight Stage, but his crowd didn’t care. They partied like it was 3005!


  • Security. Yes, I do have an All Access bracelet that allows me in this lounge, thank you! We get it: you’re working and trying to keep order in chaos, but there is no reason for you to get puffy with me.
  • Scheduling conflicts. Until I can get a hologram/clone of myself to be somewhere I’m not, please refrain from scheduling two artists I want to see at the same time. Thanks!
  • Rain. Yes I know you have an All Access bracelet to Lolla each year, but why do you have to always come and ruin it for everyone? Just come have a drink and enjoy the show like everyone else.
The Grove Stage at Lollapalooza

The Grove Stage



  • Cage The Elephant. They tore that place up at 4 in the afternoon on a Sunday and got muddy with the rest of the crowd. Hands down my favorite set of the festival, those guys brought every bit of energy to that stage and then jumped in the crowd to do a little surfing.
  • Eminem. He did it right by actually bringing Rihanna out on stage instead of just playing backing tracks or hiring an impostor to help on key tracks like “The Monster” and “Love The Way You Lie.”
  • Security. Special shout out to the security guard who mentioned the special “All Access/Crew” entrance where there were no lines, no people, no bag checks and pretty much only one gate to go through! That was my gate of choice for the weekend, both in and out of the festival.
  • Jack Daniels and Catering By Michael’s. Jack Daniels for bringing the good whisky to the Lolla lounge and Catering By Michael’s for serving up some of the BEST festival food I’ve ever had AND having a special entrée everyday, just to change things up a bit. We all are in full agreement that the elote on Sunday was the top choice!


  • The selfie-obsessed guy in front of me. To continue taking selfies of just you and the stage in the background, you and your bestie, you and the group of people you’re with, over and over again…it gets a little annoying. As if I’m not interrupted enough by this grown man’s high school antics, I then get asked to take a picture of the whole group together. Apparently the selfies weren’t enough to capture the moment at Lolla. I wonder if he actually watched or listened to any of the music happening.
  • The cans of water. It was just weird. It felt you were drinking a very flat pop or beer. Bring back the boxes of water. That was cool and unique.
  • Security. Learn the rules with regards to the wristbands and stick to them. Don’t change them everyday or throughout the day. If I tell you I’m just trying to leave and my wristband grants me access to that exit, just let it happen.
  • The guy who pushes his All Access privileges. Yes, your wristband says All Access, but if you’re told you can’t go on stage during a performance, that’s due to an artist’s request. Please do not argue with the large security guard who is keeping you from this particular area, and please do not go and get someone else from management to help plead your case. You are ruining it for the rest of us. When you do gain stage access, please stay with the group. Don’t feel like you’re entitled to roam the entire stage where there are clearly no other guests.
Food at Lollapalooza

Had to get one of everything!

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