LouFest 2013: Bigger and Better!

The Budlight Stage at LouFest.

The Budlight Stage at LouFest.

LouFest 2013 came to impress. With a brand new partnership with C3 Presents, the company that organizes Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits to name a few, LouFest showed off it’s shiny lineup last Spring. With The Killers and Wilco headlining and acts like Alabama Shakes, Walk the Moon, Local Natives, and Icona Pop, the festival was bound to draw in a crowd.

It was a smoldering two days of music in St. Louis with temperatures reaching the high 90’s both days, but we were able to find an oasis amongst the few trees and misting stations. Heating up the festival even more were a few bands I was super excited to see and a few that took me by surprise. The Mowgli’s were on my list of must see’s after missing them at Lollapalooza. They started off the festival Sunday and  were followed by Youngblood Hawke. Both of them had energy that flew through the crowd, getting everybody excited for the rest of the day’s music.

Tef Poe, a local rapper from St. Louis took to the BMI stage on Sunday and had people flocking to him. Between the energy of the probably 10 people on stage and his free-style rapping, he had everybody interested. I’m usually not that into rap music, but it was pretty cool to see a local rapper performing at his city’s music festival and being the only rap artist at LouFest, you could tell he was super excited and ready to give the performance of a lifetime.

Tef Poe performing at the BMI stage.

Tef Poe performing at the BMI stage.

One of my favorite moments definitely came Sunday night during Alabama Shakes performance. I saw some guys throwing a frisbee around and I told my friends “Hey, we should go throw around with them.” So, we walk over and I jokingly run and call for the disc and they throw it to me and we start throwing around in a circle. At first I didn’t notice, but then I started looking at the people we were throwing with and I recognized them. It was two members of The Mowgli’s and the lead singer of Walk the Moon. We had already been joking around with them for probably 10 minutes or so before I even realized who they were. I tried to slyly pass along the information to my friends who at first didn’t believe me, but then as people started approaching Nicholas (the lead singer of Walk the Moon) for pictures, they finally knew I was right.

Brooke Giddens and friends with Nicholas Patricia at Loudest

My friends Callie, Emily and I with Nicholas Petricca of Walk the Moon.

This small encounter probably wouldn’t have turned into much, but the guys took an interest in how we all knew how to throw the disc so well, so they came up and asked us about it and we started talking about playing ultimate frisbee and where we were from, etc. We taught them how to throw a flick with the frisbee and even promised to send them both TSUnami (my team) discs!

They invited us to join them to get a good spot for The Killers. It was a very strange evening. We were all rocking out to The Killers and singing along and I could hear Brandon Flowers voice in front of me and the lead singer of Walk the Moon’s voice behind me singing along. It was great…just goes to show you never know where a simple conversation and a frisbee will take you!

With that being my favorite moment, it’s hard to say what my favorite performance was. The Killer’s brought it as per usual and I was surprisingly impressed by Icona Pop. They got the whole crowd dancing with their songs, but I really think The Mowgli’s were the most impressive show. They were really animated and excited the whole time. They got the crowd involved with a lot of their songs, which was hard because most of the people in the crowd probably didn’t really know who they were, but they sounded great live and started off my Sunday of music in the best way possible.

Photo Booth fun Loudest

Photobooth fun!

Overall, while LouFest couldn’t compare to Lollapalooza, I’m excited to have something so great and with so much potential close to home! Finally no more having to travel 6 hours to attend a music festival! Plus you can’t beat a local brewery providing a photo booth with ridiculous props! Until next  year LouFest…

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Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens

Brooke Giddens is an Artist Marketing Specialist at Shure with a background in breakfast, the frisbee, and becoming emotionally involved with TV shows.

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