Sexy Songs For You This Valentines


Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, my dear friends. I know: some people LOVE this day, and some people despise it. Some go all out to show their significant other how much they make their heart pitter-patter while others say it’s just a manufactured holiday. There’s no right or wrong here, but I say it’s another excuse to get sexy with the one you love, so I’m definitely a big fan.

I know love should be expressed all year round, and it is… I’m sure mothers, fathers, Easter bunnies and Santa are appreciated all year long as well (or at least they should be), but we still celebrate them on their own special days. Why not celebrate love with its very own special day? Without it, we wouldn’t be here, and we go through life seeking it. Even The Beatles said, “All you need is love”. C’mon, if The Beatles said it, it is a fact, my friends! Love motivates us, it inspires us, and quite frankly, it turns us on.

Since I’m infatuated by music, I think it’s easy to see that most songs are inspired by love. And love should inspire us all, especially today! So with that, I wanted to dedicate some of my favorite sexy time songs (some for real and some silly ones) to that thief who not only took my breath away but also walked away with my heart.

Forever yours,

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Nelson Arreguín

Nelson Arreguín

Member of the Shure Artist Relations team. Music dilettante & sneaker aficionado. Live music is his favorite diversion.

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