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Shure has long had a reputation for building not only excellent sounding products, but ones which are built to last. There are hundreds of stories of bands dropping their Shure mic into their pint glasses, accidentally dropping a mixing console onto their mic, or in the case of The Who’s Roger Daltrey, actually going out of his way to try to destroy his Shure mics. In addition there are lots of videos showing just how tough an SM58 is. Try searching for ‘Shure drop test’ on youtube for even more videos of an SM58 being shot, dropped from a helicopter, and even being run over by a bus!

Having said all this, the actual process every single Shure product goes through before appearing on the market is something not a lot of people know about. Wired’s RAW FILE blog got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the type of tests Shure products have to pass including products being scorched, smashed, frozen, and even bathed in synthetic sweat. Very interesting reading.

Making an Audio Icon: Inside Shure’s Stress-Test Gauntlet | Raw File |

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Matt Dobschuetz

Matt Dobschuetz

Matt is the Web Manager. He grew up loving 80’s hip hop and Chicago house music. He currently loves the Swedish pop star Robyn. When he’s not at Shure he can be found at his sons’ sporting events, church, or in search of great craft beer.

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