Matt & Kim: New Album, New Shure Mics

Kim Behind The Drum Kit While The KSM313s Capture It All

Kim Behind The Drum Kit While The KSM313s Capture It All

New to the Shure roster of endorsers, Matt & Kim were literally on their way to a studio in Atlanta to meet producer Ben Allen and begin work on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Grand. I spoke to Matt over the telephone as Kim minded her speed, navigating the band van down the interstate towards Atlanta and away from the perpetually snowed-in East Coast.

Since Recording was taking place within weeks, Matt and I spoke about recording mics and the different applications for each, as well as a few experimental ideas. I suggested that the Shure Mic Listening Lab might be a great place to start when comparing mics for different applications, so Matt jumped on the internet, mid-trip and checked out a few choice Shure mics for the next Matt & Kim record. There were a few immediate must-haves, but we left the rest up to the careful direction of producer Ben Allen when it came to miking the rest. Matt did make a point to applaud the Al Green-sounding “male vocalist” performance he heard while sampling the KSM353, and was overwhelmed to hear it was our very Kevin Catchings in the Shure mail center. “That guy works in the mail room?”

There was pre-production work to be done before anyone pressed record, so we had a little time to round out a list of worthy recording mics. Within days of the new material being album-ready, Matt got back to me with a list that he and Mr. Allen thought would work best for their studio efforts. Off went a box of KSM313s, a VP88, a KSM44 and a KSM353 to meet Matt, Kim and Ben Allen in Atlanta.

When the box arrived, Kim e-mailed me:

Hey cory it is kim!  

These arrived! 

(1)    VP88

(1)    KSM44

(2)    KSM313

(1)    KSM353

The boys are geeking out over all of them right now!  I am in love with the 313 it’s got my colors. ha ha.

We are going to start playing with them now!  I will have to send you photos of matt opening the boxes as if it was xmas.  Yea i think you out did my xmas gifts but don’t worry i will forgive you!

 Thanks you so so much for sending these over!  We really appreciate it!!

Big hugs


Within a few hours work had commenced in the studio and Matt sent me a few images of Kim on the drum kit with the KSM313s in a Blumlein Pattern to capture the room…

so we just got kim in on the drums, used 313’s for stereo room, and for once, kim’s cymbals didn’t overpower!here’s a couple pictures.

hope all is rad


I think I speak for the rest of the Matt & Kim fans when I say we can’t wait to hear the new material! I’m happy Shure got to be a part of it and we’ll meet again when Matt & Kim take to the live stage. Stay tuned for additional Matt & Kim studio rumblings and be sure to check them out at: if you have no idea what I’m talking about. – Cory
KSM313s In A Blumlein Pattern

KSM313s In A Blumlein Pattern

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Cory Lorentz

Cory Lorentz

Cory Lorentz is the Artist Relations Manager at Shure. He enjoys weekends, tacos and has a soft spot for the kind of lite rock music you’d hear in a dentist’s office.

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