Maximizing Gain-Before-Feedback in Your Sound System: A Webinar

Back by popular demand, this webinar addresses one of the most frustrating audio issues for both musicians and engineers.

Everybody knows what feedback sounds like: the annoying squeal that’s all too common in live sound situations. “Gain-before-feedback” refers to how loud a sound system can be turned up before feedback occurs. In this hour-long webinar, we will look at tips, tools, and techniques for maximizing gain-before-feedback, and bust some myths about less helpful approaches.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What causes feedback? (Hint: it’s not the microphone!)
  • What is potential acoustic gain?
  • How should automatic microphone mixers be used?
  • How do feedback reducers work?

We will be joined by Michael Pettersen, Shure’s expert on automatic mixers and their history.

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Cheryl Jennison DaProza

Cheryl Jennison DaProza

Cheryl is a Media Relations Specialist at Shure with previous experience in the customer service department. She is also a professional singer involved in several tribute, cover, and original bands in the Chicago metro area. In what little spare time she has between work and music, she can be found reading or hanging out with her parrot. Cheryl’s favorite mic is the KSM8 and her Twitter handle is @TheUnsungDiva.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, I was interested in viewing this webinar, but the video is not coinciding with the audio, making it difficult to follow along. Please let me know if this gets cleaned up, as the topic is very interesting to me. I personally would love to follow along with the math.

    • Cheryl Jennison DaProza Cheryl Jennison DaProza says:

      Yes, unfortunately the webinar platform we use sometimes causes sync issues. We attempted to fix it as best as we could with edits but will take a look at it again.

  • Gus says:

    Hi there Cheryl: I missed the webinar, something about CDT and EDT, is there a chance I can get a link for a replay, or is there any way to here it again

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