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A stop-by with OAR

Last Thursday I ran down to the Aragon Ballroom during the day. I was unable to hit their show in the evening, but there were plenty of Shure people in attendance. We had a group of Shure associates and Shure dealers who had just performed training on our Axient Wireless.  OAR were gracious enough to allow us to bring down a few new toys for them to show off…and to be seen by our trainees in the real world.  They were using Axient on vocals, the new ULX-D digital wireless system on Benj’s bass, and PSM1000 on their horn section.  The rest of the stage was awash in Shure, the band being long-time endorsers.

I got a chance to speak to Marc, Jerry, Richard, and Chris individually for a bit.  They were each using a few fun toys in their respective studios.  Marc is a big fan of the SM7B.  Jerry spoke highly of our KSM313 and KSM353 ribbon mics.

The Shure contingency had a great time seeing the band.  Much thanks to the guys in the band and the crew for showing off the new stuff!

Benj Gershman used the new ULX-D system

Jerry DePizzo using a wireless Beta 98H/C

Marc Roberge (left) and Richard On

Chris Culos



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