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By Ryan Smith|  Comment(s)

Are you ready for Wynonna?

Camera ready?  Check.

Audio?  Check.

Video? Looks good.

I am ready for Wynonna.

We greet each other halfway down the hall with a big hug.  I escort her to her spot on the couch and she says: “You better have some good questions for me…”   I smile and think  “I am READY for Wynonna.”

I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  After all, she is one of music’s strongest vocalists. Unmistakably original and incredibly professional, as you will see when you watch the first part of this interview below.

Why 2 parts?   Wynonna has a lot to say, and it’s all good.  (I should have part 2 ready very soon.)

I hit RECORD and fire off my first question.  What you won’t see on this video is that at that moment, an airplane was flying over. She paused till it passed by and says “That is a GREAT question.”

Are YOU ready for Wynonna?

Here she comes:

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