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Blues Traveler::House of Blues Chicago::04/16/10

I’ve seen Blues Traveler probably four or five times at this point.  They’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with for the past seven years I’ve been looking after them here at Shure.  I can still remember the first time I went to see them.  I remember being apprehensive about it; they tended to attract a jam-band crowd and that is very much not my scene.  I was pleasantly shocked to find a band that was more rock-oriented than my preconception.


So here on my fourth or fifth time I finally got to see the show from the house’s monitor desk.  This was a charity show and they had a chance to rehearse for a few days in Chicago prior to the gig.  As such, some new covers made their way on to the set.  Among them was a slightly reggae-ish version of Radiohead’s original jam, “Creep”.  Different, for sure.

The band uses Beta 57As across the front for vocals and UHF-R wireless for instruments among loads and loads of Shure across the stage.  I especially dig on the custom rig John Popper has worked on for his harp.  It incorporates an SM58 and loads of switches leading to his effects.  Hopefully we’ll get to grill him on it come Lollapalooza.


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