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Chino Y Nacho at the Congress

After waiting patiently all week, Thursday night finally arrived marking my first trip to the historic Congress Theatre. Throughout the week I heard so many different things about it that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But when I walked up to its aged glass doors and shining lights above (well the ones that worked at least), suddenly everything I had been told made sense. One thing was for sure, the place certainly had character.

I broke in my first night at the Congress by dancing along to songs of the band Chino Y Nacho. I joined Nelson Arreguin and famous photographer Paul Natkin for the night as we prepared to interview the band. Between the two of them I couldn’t have asked for better company. We arrived to the front doors at about 9 p.m. after stuffing our faces with some authentic Mexican food from a nearby restaurant. It was the perfect choice especially since it wouldn’t have felt right to eat anything other than Mexican food before going to see Chino Y Nacho. We waited for a few minutes before we were given black and white checkered wristbands and “the nod” confirming it was okay for us to head backstage.

But just like a normal day at work, nothing goes as planned. Chino Y Nacho were a bit behind and did not arrive until around 11 p.m. This was not a problem though for the three of us as we continued to have a good time hanging out backstage. Not to mention, during this time I got something done that I never pictured myself doing… thanks to the professional expertise of Marie Vetter, I got custom made earplugs! Talk about a strange experience. The first step was putting string in my ear and then squirting a type of goo in there. After the goo hardened, Marie pulled it out and walla! I could hear again!






A few minutes later things started to pick up and we got word that Chino Y Nacho had arrived. Nelson, Paul, and I met them in their dressing room and they greeted us with big hugs and a kiss on the cheek. After everyone said their hellos, Nelson explained we would be taping the interview after the show. Then the three of us walked onto the side of the stage and watched as Chino Y Nacho ran past us singing and dancing for their fans. They certainly know how to start a show! The rest of the concert was more than entertaining. The energy the two of them brought to the stage was contagious! There was not a single person standing still that night.

Once the concert ended we made our way back to their dressing room and set up the equipment. Nelson began asking Chino Y Nacho questions and I was amazed at the enthusiasm the two of them still had after just putting on such an incredible show! They didn’t rush the interview and even joked around with us a bit. I was thoroughly impressed and so grateful I got to meet such great guys. I will forever remember my first time at the Congress.


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