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Dave Mustaine & Shure!

Late in 2013, I had scheduled an interview with legendary Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine.  The last time I went to a Megadeth show was about 2 years ago in Louisville.  After the show that night, I had the pleasure of hanging with Dave for about 90 minutes.  We had a lot of great things to talk about: family, music, some politics, and other music related topics.  Since then, he’s become a great friend and supporter of Shure.

During my last 2 years of college at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1990-92), I joined a metal band playing drums.  The first section of “Holy Wars” was our band’s intro.  We also played “Tornado of Souls.”  Fast forward to my current role at Shure, getting to work with such a great band and crew, things have come full circle in many ways.  Dave and the group are also very active on social media.

In February, the band travels to New Zealand and Australia, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines. Then they have shows in Argentina, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, Italy and many more European dates.  It’s so awesome to see bands like this, whose music has survived through so many changes in the music industry, still have so many loyal fans all over the world…including yours truly!

Enjoy this recent interview below, and feel free to share any stories from Megadeth shows you’ve attended.


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