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Dream Theater Drummer Mike Mangini asks…..

How many Shure Mics can you identify in this shot?

Mike Mangini 2013 DT studio mic setup

Mike Mangini 2013 DT studio mic setup (Click on picture to enlarge)

Just this morning, I received an email from Shure Artist Mike Mangini with a link to a video he made. He talks about the Shure mics he used to capture the tracks for the new yet-to-be-released Dream Theater record.  It was a pleasant surprise to hear from Mike, let alone get a video.  This is another great example of the reciprocal relationship that an endorsement brings with it.  Mike and I have known each other for over 15 years, met at many conventions like PASIC and the Modern Drummer festival, and at shows he was performing at.  I was so happy for Mike when I heard that he was going to join Dream Theater.  I have been a fan of their music for quite a while and I felt he was great fit for the group.

Even if you are not a drummer, it would be worth your time to look up some of Mike’s video’s and playing on YouTube.  He’s quite an inspiration.

Here’s the video he sent me this morning:

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