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Filter & Saliva Co-headlining Tour

Filter and Saliva

It’s been my pleasure to work with Filter for quite a few years now.  Richard Patrick is one of the hardest working people out there and I’ve seen him sell records a handshake at a time.  When I last saw the band perform they stayed until everyone that wanted an autograph and a chat got what they were looking for.  Everything was on the truck before they were done with their meet & greet.  The same went for their autograph session at our NAMM booth this last year.

They are going to depart on a co-headlining tour with Saliva starting in July.  Be on the lookout – it’s a show worth catching.  Filter may not be a young band by any means, but you wouldn’t know it from the energy that comes off the stage.  Plus, Richard’s voice is something unique in rock.  It’s hard to find another singer who sounds like him.  I have to give even more kudos in that his voice is as strong as it ever was.  (Good thing we make mics that can handle that sound pressure!)  FYI, he’s a Beta 58A guy live, and an SM7B guy in the studio.


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