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By Ryan Smith|  Comment(s)

FOH Engineer Rich Caldwell – Rest in Peace

Last week, I received a phone call from an industry associate that a dear friend and Flyleaf FOH engineer Rich Caldwell died in a car accident.  I’ve known Rich for more than 5 years and he had one of the most positive personalities I’ve encountered as a touring engineer.  He took great pride in his craft, always looking for the best methods to maximize the sounds he was mixing for the groups he worked with.

The last time I saw Rich was back in September of 2010 when Flyleaf had a show in Nashville.  I brought Rich  a pair of headphones to try out and he was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked and could help him do his job better.  He also took time to show me the ISO cabinets he’d been developing for eventual release.  Rich loved audio and it was great to see his passion for it at work.  I also remember meeting his wife and then infant son at the show.  I was looking forward to seeing them again when Flyleaf hit the road next.

I will miss Rich and his talents, but most of all, his wonderful personality.



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