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Give It Voice Regional Showcase::Emo’s::Austin::01/26/11

Last Wednesday we had the SM58: Give It Voice regional tour stop in Austin, TX at Emo’s.  I was impressed with the talent levels all the way around and each band bested the others in different categories.

Of Forgotten Dreams

A hardcore band from Austin, TX, they took the stage first and pulled out a blazing, energetic set which resonated well with their hometown crowd.  They were the youngest band there, and we’re expecting them to go much further.

JJ & The Rogues

A great ensemble of solid players playing rock and indie tunes.  Everything about this band was solid.  They have noticeably been playing together the longest.  They drove in from Ft. Worth, TX and boy, did they come to play!

The Pulse Electric

An electro/rock band (a la Shiny Toy Guns) also from Austin.  They ended up winning the crowd with their hooky dance tracks.

In the end it was The Pulse Electric who moved on to the next round.  Having the hometown advantage definitely weighed in to the final call of the judges (of which I was one this time).  We want to thank all three bands and Emo’s for making it a great evening!


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