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Gomez::The Vic Theatre::03/05/10

Fuzzy iPhone pic of Kirk Miller's awesome backside

I find great irony that one of the best “Americana” bands comes from the UK. Most bands I see I can check off the list once they shout, “thank you, good night!”  Gomez…well, I think this was my eighth show.  I’ll pretty much go see them whenever I can.  They hit the Vic on Thursday and absolutely did not disappoint.  Their crew is top-notch as well.  Kirk Miller (Ween, Eagles of Death Metal) handles FOH.  Rob Elliott (The Cure) mixes monitors.  Dave Hadley has been their Fifth Beatle for as long as I’ve known them.

I got to rap with Tom Gray (vocals, guitar, keys) after the show.  They had been recording a few tracks in town the weekend before the show.  Tom had apparently used a KSM44 during that time and had quite a few good things to say about it.   Glad to hear they’re still fans; they once told me that their first album was self-produced using SM58s and VS-880s.  Love those DIY stories.


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