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By Matt Dobschuetz|  Comment(s)

Goodbye, Lou Reed

Lou Reed - 1989Musicians and fans were quick to eulogize the iconic Lou Reed this week in tweets, posts, and live shows. As they should. Lou’s force was undeniable. To honor him, I wanted to share his song, “Set the Twilight Reeling,” from 1996. The song feels like a audio pastiche of his earlier work, but is from the perspective of an artist looking back, free from regret.

David Fricke wrote in his Rolling Stone review:

Reed has been a changed man on record so many times, it’s easy to mistake sincerity for shtick. But the central image in the closing, elegiac title track of a soul singer in mid-epiphany — “But as the drums beat, he finds himself growing hard/In the microphone’s face he sees her face growing large…. I accept the newfound man and set the twilight reeling” — has the ring of truth and the distinct kick of autobiography.

Goodbye, Lou.

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