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Heartless Bastards::The Bottom Lounge::07/24/10

I ran down to the Bottom Lounge here in Chicago on Saturday night to interview Akron’s own and relatively new Shure endorsers, Heartless Bastards.  They first caught my ear when they tore it up at Lollapalooza in 2009.  I was on the side of the stage and really dug what I was seeing and hearing.  It was enough that I felt compelled to introduce myself after the set and let them know that they were on our radar.

Fast forward a few months and they were signed endorsers.  On Saturday we chatted a bit on the virtues of bringing one’s own mic package on the road and the consistency that it brings.  They’ve definitely done a little experimenting as was evident by the use of the venerable SM7B on one of the guitar cabinets.  It seems that mic captures the low-end they like just so.

The room was pretty packed as they started their set in the late-night hour.  If you’ve not seen or heard them, I can tell you this – it’s rare to find a woman like Erika Wennerstrom with so powerful a voice.  Add to that some extremely solid song-writing ability and it’s a recipe for success.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from those Bastards in the coming years.

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