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Iggy & The Stooges::Riviera Theatre::08/29/10

I have seen what must be a thousand terrible to mediocre bands in my short time on this world. I don’t mean to be disparaging in that. Not every band can be great. Not every band gets it. And by “it” I mean being a magnetic spectacle of rock & roll.

I remember thinking this the first time I saw Iggy & The Stooges: I wished that everyone in that audience was either in a band or inspired to be in a band. I’m firmly convinced that most terrible to mediocre bands might be averted if they simply saw Iggy & The Stooges live. I’m also pretty convinced that most really great bands would even be inspired to elevate their performances.

Iggy is 63 years old. His band mates are his contemporaries. Many people like to comment on how old this is. Then they hit the stage. If you couldn’t make out age lines or graying hair, you’d swear you were watching a bunch of 19 year-olds who just got buzzed up on something and decided it all had to go while they were on the stage.

And go it does. It’s not the hardest show you will ever go to. It’s not the heaviest. It’s not the most brutal. But there is probably more energy released in that 90 minute set than almost any other showcase out there.

Here’s the basic thing you need to know from this post: go see Iggy Pop. If you can, go see Iggy & The Stooges.


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