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Jukebox the Ghost::Schubas::10/13/10

At the recommendation of a manager I have worked with for years, I wound my way down to one of Chicago’s gems, Schubas, to check out her new band, Jukebox the Ghost.  I’ve seen some great shows in that intimate room over the years.  It lends itself to very dynamic music, and both Jukebox the Ghost and Elizabeth and the Catapult (I missed the show opener, Via Audio) put that quality to good use.

Jukebox hit the stage to headline.  I am not a fan of their style of music, I suppose, but they were musical enough and diverse enough to keep my attention.  One moment they’d play what sounded like radio-friendly pop and the next song you’d think would work in a catalog of Queen b-sides.  I can generally tell when a musician is classically trained and quick conversation with the tour manager confirmed my suspicion.

The band was engaging enough to keep me out past my bedtime on a school night.  I’d even say it was a really good show.  One exception: the guy who was a mega-Jukebox fan who yelled “Slayer!” between every song.  I just want to publicly state, Slayer-guy, that you were not funny the first time, and far less so each subsequent shout.  Also, in a room like that let the band sing the songs, please.


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