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LeAnn Rimes – The Shure Interview

I still remember getting a call back in 1997 from Wilbur Rimes, father of an incredible new young singer named LeAnn. Her song “Blue” was exploding on the charts. Naturally, we were very interested in working with her.

It was a pretty  short conversation because he had basically said to me, “We want the same kind of stuff Wynonna uses”  for LeAnn and I basically said, “You got it!”

Through all the years, albums, and performances, the one thing that hasn’t changed: her love for Shure microphones.

I’ve seen tons of her performances, we’ve exchanged Christmas cards, and have always had an awesome working relationship.  I got the chance to interview her and find out how her latest album, Spitfire, came together. As you will hear in the interview below, it sounds like making this album was quite a fun time for all.

You will also hear in her voice how pleased she is to continue to use Shure.

LeAnn, we are pleased and honored to still be working with you after more than 16 years!  Keep up the amazing work!

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