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By Ryan Smith|  Comment(s)

Little Big Town – 4 Big Voices!

You can have a group of 16 musicians onstage jamming out, and it can sound amazing.  To me though, nothing compares to when you hear a group with multiple harmonies that work so well together, singing with big voices.  Think Take 6, Fleetwood Mac, Pentatonix, Queen, The Eagles, Electric Light Orchestra, and Little Big Town.

I will never forget the first time I saw Little Big Town live. It was at a CMA Music Fest in Nashville. What better place to hear great 4-part harmonies than through Shure wireless, amplified by a large stadium line array of speakers. They have a sound that is distinctively theirs and immediately demands attention. We’ve been working with them ever since!

It’s been great getting to know them more each year, and they are such wonderful people. Enjoy this fun interview with Jimi, Karen, Kimberly, and Phillip as they talk about touring, recording, and how Shure products work so well to capture their amazing voices.

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