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By Richard Sandrok|  Comment(s)

Lizz Wright Starts Tour in SPACE

I ran over to one of the more unique venues in the Chicagoland area, SPACE in Evanston, last Thursday to meet up with jazz and gospel vocalist Lizz Wright. Almost a year ago to the date was the first time I was able to catch Lizz perform and in the same venue at that. This time around I came armed with a video camera to shoot her Shure endorser interview.

Even before the tape was rolling she was talking about how her KSM9 had been her solid go-to since she got it nearly a year ago. She mentioned that, while she likes the character of each room she visits, the character of the KSM9 was what she felt brought forth the truest representation of her voice. It’s a voice that ought to be heard in its truest timbre.

Be on the lookout for her interview on our YouTube channel soon!


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