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“Make it a Combo” – Guitar Cabinet Mics

Jonny Lang AMP mics - KSM313 & KSM32

Jonny Lang AMP mics – KSM313 & KSM32

What kind of sound are you going for on stage?

Clean, dirty, wet, muddy, or dry?  (No, I’m not talking about doing laundry.)

You name it, we’ve heard so many different descriptions of the sounds we want to capture out of guitar cabinet speakers.

Take Shure Artist Jonny Lang for instance. Killer guitar tone?  ABSOLUTELY!

He’s got a pair of Fender Deluxe Reverb Amps.  On one, he’s using our KSM313 ribbon mic and on the other, the KSM32. I grabbed this shot on Sunday when he was playing in Nashville.

His guitar sound coming out of the PA is very present and clear through these mics, whether he’s deep into a ragging solo or playing  some emotional, quiet phrases.

How about Shure Artist Brad Paisley?

Just a pair of SM57s on his cabinets:

Brad Paisley - SM57s

Brad Paisley – SM57s

There’s just a couple great guitarists who count on Shure mics to deliver their sound to the masses.

What are your favorite Shure mic and cabinet combos?  Send us some photos or post them on Instagram!


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