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Meshuggah Premier Guitar Rundown

Back in time a few months, I had dropped by the Chicago House of Blues to catch one of my favorite metal bands, Meshuggah. It was my second show in so many years, the write-up on the first being here.  They were one of the first bands on Shure’s roster to use the ULXD Quad receiver. It just so happened that I had popped by on the day that Premier Guitar was there to do their Rig Rundown video with the band. Guitarists will probably want to check this out.

The mention of ULXD is around 11:27.

I love that they get such a big sound without so much as a speaker in the rig. There’s some pretty forward-thinking stuff going on here: a single rack to handle wireless and processing, and they even mix their in-ear monitors (PSM 900 in this case) with not a monitor mixing console, but rather two laptops – a primary and a redundancy.

Pretty cool stuff from a great band.

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