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My First Week at Shure

The first week at a new job is supposed to be the most nerve-racking right? You expect your boss and coworkers to so generously pile loads and loads of work on you while you desperately try to keep up. We see it in movies all the time… the main character enters the big bad corporate world and half way through the day they come to a dead stop with a look of complete terror on their face while everyone around them moves at the speed of light. Well this is the exact opposite of how my first week at Shure has been. Talk about a relief. But let’s be honest, I was ecstatic to start my first day. I mean how could I not be when I have the most awesome internship EVER?

So far this week has been the perfect mixture of crazy, interesting, and exciting. One thing I’ve come to notice in the first few days of being in Artist Relations is that no day goes exactly as planned. There is always something that comes up and what you may have planned to do might end up not getting done. Even though I’m still learning the ropes of this job, the days go by in a flash. I sit down at my desk at 8:30 a.m. then before I know it the clock reads 5:00 p.m. and it’s time for me to go home. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I look forward to waking up the next morning, walking through the glass doors of Shure, and starting a new day because each one is different.

I’ll just give a quick overview of the past three days here to paint a clearer picture. My first day on Monday started off with orientation, which is pretty self-explanatory. Then I made the long awaited journey to the sixth floor with Cory Lorentz, the Artist Relations Manager (aka my new boss), where I found my desk waiting for me. It was one of those moments where everything suddenly becomes illuminated and you hear a faint “AHHHH” sound coming from an imaginary choir. Things got even better when I saw my desk was right next to Rich Sandrok and Nelson Arreguin, who also work with Cory in Artist Relations. So in other words, I’ll be working with the three coolest guys you’ll ever meet this summer. The rest of the day consisted of going over what I’ll be doing during my time here, setting up accounts and passwords, and learning my way around the building. Pretty standard stuff for a first day, except for one thing… I sat in on a call with Ben Sollee! Now who gets to do that on their first day?! And if you haven’t heard of the name Ben Sollee, I HIGHLY suggest you get on that. Your ears will be very appreciative that you did. Since then I’ve been learning numerous things about this industry. Even though I’m simply an intern, I’m definitely not treated as one. I’ve been to a few meetings, but the cool thing is that I’m actually included in the discussions instead of sitting there in silence. I’ve also been working on my new Twitter account so follow me this summer @Intern_ShureAR!

Well I gotta run! It’s time to be trained on how to use the camera and microphone for artist interviews… whoa.


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