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O.A.R.::Charter One Pavilion::07/10/10

I went to go visit OAR on Saturday.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  I’d never met them.  I’ll even have to confess, I had only heard one of their songs, once.  Ever.

First off, our photographer had let me know that “those guys are the nicest guys on the planet.”  Statistically that’s improbable, but figuratively speaking I can vouch that what he said was pretty much true.  On a side note, I cannot stress enough how important this is to having a sustainable and successful musical career.

O.A.R. has been with the Shure family for some years already, but it’s the first time I had an opportunity to meet with them in person.  Upon arriving I met up with Tour Manager [name removed because people who like this band pretend to know people to get backstage] and we sat down to get to know each other.  As we were strolling the backstage area we ran in to vocalist and guitar player Marc Roberge and saxophone and guitar player Jerry DePizzo.

After introductions we got to talking studio mics.  Jerry told me that he’s a fan of using the same mic in the studio that he uses live: the Beta 98H/C.  It’s just the sound he identifies as his and it fits right in to where it needs to.  Marc stated he is a fan of the SM7B.  We also talked about the art of using an SM58 in the studio control room, a technique I hear about with increasing frequency.

From there we ran to catering where I met up with Paul Natkin, our photographer extraordinaire.  Paul was seated with bassist Benj Gershman.  Benj is a gifted photographer as well as a great pocket bass player.  The two of them were mulling over his laptop looking over a few batches of photos he was using for his upcoming gallery show in NYC.  Benj went to go prep himself and we were joined by guitarist Richard On.  We chatted briefly over a quick dinner before Richard went to go warm up.

Monitor position for O.A.R.

When showtime hit I was able to set myself around the monitor desk, where I stayed for most of my visit.  O.A.R. had been played for me by a friend who has very similar taste in music to me – loads and loads of metal and punk, while being very eclectic.  At the time he mentioned that he didn’t know why he liked them: it’s not like they were a genre we go out of our way to listen to.  But seeing them live I began to understand.  These guys are very tight.  It’s hard to tell if Benj’s fingers trigger Chris Culos’ kick foot or vice versa.  They don’t seem to short themselves of practice and it shows in their performance.

Jerry DePizzo (L) and Richard On play to each other. Awww.

It was unfortunate that my visit was shorter than their set, but it was great to finally meet the guys and crew.  Fortunately they’ll be back around soon.

I wound my way out of the venue, stopping to find, [name retracted to avoid punter abuse] on the way out.  I thanked him for the visit and made my way out to the city streets.  I was on my way to the next stop – a night of crazy industrial and jungle beats from DJ?Acucrack.


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