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Opinion: Tron Legacy Soundtrack

I am all about Tron.  I could not tell you how many times I’ve seen it.  When I heard there was a new movie introduced at ComicCon 2009 (then known as TR2N) I was…well, I was skeptical.  I think Hollywood is too much in a hurry to “reboot” everything and the results, in typical Hollywood fashion, are less than stellar most of the time.  But there was a little nerd-squeal in there too.  I really hope the people making this film hold the original in highest regard and strive to honor it.

I was reading through Pitchfork’s Twitter feed the other day and they announced a link to some of the new music for the film.  I’ve been keeping my distance from news relating to this picture in an attempt to not fall for hype, so I didn’t know that Daft Punk was scoring the movie.  I love Daft Punk.  They’re game changers.  But I’m a little disappointed on this one.

Wendy Carlos created the score for Tron.  If you’re not familiar with Wendy Carlos, or Walter Carlos (they are the same person, and yes, it’s what you think, but the order is the latter changed to the former), you’re missing a great part of music history.  Walter Carlos’ endeavor to create Switched on Bach is epic.  It is a monumental achievement in the history of recorded music.  The soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange…Carlos.  And then there is Tron.

I cannot separate the music of Tron from that world that they created in 1982.  The two are one.  In my mind’s eye I can only imagine the daunting task that Daft Punk were given.  I think they’re a logical choice for it, but I’m let down that Wendy Carlos will not be doing the music for this new film.  To me it’s almost as if they announced the Star Wars prequels would not involve John Williams.


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