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By Richard Sandrok|  Comment(s)

Rest In Peace, Armand Crump III

I have made many friends through my years at this job.  Among the first and the best was Armand Crump.  Over the weekend Armand passed away.  I don’t know how yet.  Frankly, it does not matter.  It is an astonishing, huge loss for those who knew him.

Armand was the long-time tech for Slayer’s Kerry King.  He knew everyone in the scene, it seemed, and everyone knew him.  He was a guy that could come by our NAMM booth and be the most popular guy in it.  He was a mentor to the uninitiated.  He was a master of his craft.  But far beyond that he was an amazing person to know.  He could make you smile just by saying “hey, man.”  It can at times be cliché in the metal scene to call people “brother”.  But when you refer to Armand as brother, you mean it…because so did he.

I cannot believe that I will not see him again.

He leaves behind his longtime girlfriend, Cassandra, and a family of hundreds.

Rest in peace, Armand.  I miss you.



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