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By Ryan Smith|  Comment(s)

RF Coordinator Jason Glass speaks with Shure

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the biggest music festivals like CMA Music Fest, Bonnaroo, Stagecoach, and Coachella?   I’ve been attending several festivals and award shows for the better part of my career at Shure. Coordinating these productions is a monumental effort requiring accurate communication and tons of advance work, especially in the area of wireless coordination.

Typically, events like these have so much wireless that a dedicated frequency (“RF” or Radio Frequency) coordinator is hired to manage this part of the production.  When all the gear is fired up and the bands take the stage, they are relying on their wireless to perform flawlessly so that the audio is clean throughout their performance. In the case of the CMA Music Festival, they have been recording the performances for future TV broadcast. Clean wireless signal and uninterrupted audio becomes even more crucial.

I have know Jason Glass for over 8 years and watched his level of expertise grow considerably in the area of RF coordination. At this years’ CMA Music Fest in Nashville, Jason executed this task with great success.  I was interested to sit down with him to learn more about how he manages this side of the production.  Please watch video below, it is well worth your time!

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