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By Ryan Smith|  Comment(s)

Rhonda Vincent Interview

A voice with experience.  Rhonda has been touring and performing for most of her life.  Her schedule every year is so crazy that it’s a wonder she has any time to record.  This year, she found time to record a double CD entitled Only Me. One CD with bluegrass songs, the other with country songs.

The interview below was taped back in March when we sat down with Rhonda at the Loveless Barn.  Her thoughts on recording, touring, Shure gear, venue relationships, and how to have a great time on the road come from over 40 years of experience.  So whip up a batch of Martha White biscuits, throw them in the oven and then start this video.  By the time the video is over, there will be a big smile on your face, and your belly will be happy too.

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