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By Richard Sandrok|  Comment(s)

Selling Records Isn’t What It Used To Be

It seems an obvious statement, probably a dead horse to some people.

Today an artist and friend asked a legit question – if there are x fans of their band on Facebook, why are there 0.23x copies of their album sold worldwide?  Certainly we can suspect the usual causes – piracy and economic woes among them – but there has got to be more to it.  Traditional models of the Music Business have been in disarray for years.  However, new ones – new formulaic ones – have been short-lived at best and completely elusive at their worst, it seems. What worked in 2007 could likely be outdated in 2011.

It’s got my gears spinning and opened a few resources on my browser: scholarly, journalistic, and editorial.  I hope to take a deeper dive to form a proper, educated opinion on the matter and put out a bigger, better post on the issue.  Certainly anecdotes count though, so how about you, reader?  Are you out there courting the public?  Have you noticed any tips and tricks that have led to success?  How about failure?  Let’s chat about it in the comments.


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