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Valentines Day is for the Heartless

The Heartless Bastards.  On Valentine’s Day.  That gave us this gem:


Oh, how I wished there was a comma there.

I went to visit Shure endorsers Heartless Bastards in the early evening before their show.  It also happened to be the day they released their new album, Arrow.   This latest release was the band’s fourth, but the first to be done with the current band line-up.  Having been involved each step of the way, everyone was feeling really great about the material.

The band had been out already for a time.  Mark Nathan (guitars) remarked that it had been a bit of a rough schedule, pointing out that they were often doing one or two press or in-store appearances and/or performances on show dates.  Despite the rigorous schedule the band seemed in great spirits.

I would have suspected that it would be huge relief to have the album out, finally.  But the vibe I got from talking with everyone was that they’ve been living this since going out on this run.  There was no need to treat this as an exceptional working day.  They’ve got their heads down and are charging forward.  We’re glad to be along for the ride.

Check out this video interview we did with Erika and Mark in July of 2010.


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